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The Flock Angry Birds

The birds. (NOTE: Mighty Eagle and Silver are not included).

In the Angry Birds series, birds are the main progrest of bird. These are the pigs that appear in The Classic Game,Seasons,Rio,Space,Star Wars,Star Wars 2,GO!,Epic,Stella,Friends,Trasnsformers,POP!,Fight!, 2 and Match.

The Flock Edit

Red Bird (Red)

Blue Birds (The Blues)

Yellow Bird (Chuck)

Black Bird (Bomb)

White Bird (Matilda)

Boomerang Bird (Hal, Boomerang)

Big Brother Bird (Terence)

Orange Bird (Bubbles)

Pink Bird (Stella)

Silver Bird (Silver)

Female Red Bird (Ruby)

Space Egg

Space Flock Edit

Ice Bird (Frosh)

Stella's Friends Edit





Gale (former)

Unplayable Birds Edit

Female White Bird

Boy and Girl Eggs

Serdar Soganci

Peter Vesterbacka

Jaako Lisalo

Hockey Bird (Mascot)

Eggs Edit

Small Eggs - 3

Boy Egg

Girl Egg

Medium Egg

Large Egg

Helmet Egg

Moustache Egg

King Egg

Gamed of BirdsEdit

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

Female Red Bird (Red) Her loves for Red, the Red Bird.

Female White Bird (Matilda) Her loves for Matilda, the White Bird.

Boars (Pig) From video Ode to Snow

Tony or Blue Terence (Terence) Tony falls without a corpse sprite.

Angry Birds Rio Edit

Blu Fly marmosets without a corpse sprite.

Jewel Similar to Blu, to fly Nigel without a corpse sprite.

Angry Birds Space Edit

Super Red Bird (Red) Squacks and takes from and pigs

The Lightning Birds (The Blues: Jay, Jake and Jim) Splits into three

Firebomb Bird (Bomb) Explodes

The Incredible Terence (Terrence)

Lazer Bird (Chuck) Locks on target

Ice Bird: Freezes on pigs

Atom Bird (Bubbles) Inflates

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

Red as Luke Skywalker

Chuck as Han Solo

Terence as Chewbacca, or simply Wookie Bird

Stella as Princess Leia

Matilda as C3PO

Egg as R2-D2

Bomb as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Yoda Bird

Brown Chuck as Lando Calrissian

The Blue Bird as Rebel Pilots

Angry Birds Star Wars II Edit

Male Matilda as Qui-Gon Jinn and C3PO

Bomb as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu and Gazareb ''Zeb'' Orellios

Bink Matilda as Jar Jar Binks

Red as Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Kit Fisto and Ezra Bridger

The Blue Bird as Jedi Younglings

Chuck as Han Solo, Carbonite Han Solo, Captain Panaka and Kanan Jarrus

Terence as Chewbacca, or Simply Wookie Bird

Egg as R2-D2 and C1-10P

Willow as Hera Syndulla

Female Red as Sabrine Wren

Yoda Bird

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Red as Optimus Prime, Energon Optimus Prime, Ultimate Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Nemesis Prime and Epic Optimus Prime

Chuck as Bumblebee, High Octane Bumblebee and Rodimus

The Blues as Bluestreak and Prowl

Bomb as Drift

Silver as Windblade

Hal as Grimlock (cinematic trailer only), Energon Grimlock, Goldbite Grimlock, Grey Slam Grimlock and Trypticon

Stella as Arcee and Airachnid

Terence as Heatwave and Sentinel Prime

Bubbles as Jazz

Matilda as Nautica


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